Mint GX Glycerin Bubbler Blue

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Height: 12 inches 

Bowl Size: 14mm

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Perry B.

Not what I believed it was.

Unfortunately, this is my least favourite of everything I have including rolling papers. Yes, it hardened up in the freezer within a short period of time, it is aesthetically pleasing, but now for the bad stuff: It doesn’t hold much water but I was aware of that before I bought it. I was really hoping that the coldness of the water now would keep the hit smooth. It did not. I have never coughed and gagged so much in my life and I have some bongs here that would make tears come to any veteran’s eyes. If you look at the photo of the product, it is the same photo used on the manufacturer’s website, you will notice the location of the bowl is to the side. This is not the correct position. The glass “straw” and the bowl are in each other’s proper place to ensure you don’t suck up water through the straw instead of the smoke. It cools the smoke a bit but somehow makes any strain I use taste like cr@p. I gave it another chance and used it for dabbing and it doesn’t do very well in that department either. You also have to buy an extension to bring the nail up higher away from the neck if you are using an enail due to the heat it produces. I would be weary to put heat that close to the cold glass. Of course you wouldn’t have to do this if it was designed to operate the way the photo shows. It is very disheartening to think the the actual company that produces these products don’t even care enough to ensure they are advertising properly. Also, this online shop is selling them but it is obvious they have no idea of the quality or functionality of the product. For theses reasons I probably will not be shopping here again. I will stick with the tried and true shops I have been using up to this point. Hopefully someone finds this review useful and doesn’t spend their hard earned money on a almost useless product.